Bragg Creek

The Hamlet of Bragg Creek is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 44 kilometres west of Calgary, Alberta.. It is bounded mostly on the east by the T'suu Tina Nation, Sarcee Reserve, on the west and south by Kananaskis Country and on the north by crown land known as the Jumping Pound Lease. Bragg Creek includes; the Hamlet of Bragg Creek, West Bragg Creek, Wintergreen, South Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows. South Bragg Creek forms a part of the Foothills Municipal District No. 31. The other areas lie within the Rockyview Municipal District No. 44 which is responsible for the administration of services and facilities. The Hamlet is not a registered town site and as such has no mayor, council or administration. Its centre features several small shopping centres and a number of houses on 14 streets.


Bragg Creek is a small stream with its source on the slopes of Moose Mountain. It flows into the Elbow River in the Hamlet. The Elbow flows into the Bow River in Calgary. About 10 km east of Bragg Creek the foothills give way to the prairie grasslands where farmers grow grain and ranchers raise herds of cattle. The drive into the city passes through this rustic landscape of green and gold fields dotted with cows and horses.


Elbow falls - Elbow River

pic: Elbow Falls


Moose Mountain is 7,995 ft. (2,437 m) high. It is on the leading edge of the Rocky Mountain front range. When viewed from Springbank it bears a striking resemblance to the head and back of a moose. Banded Peak, at 9,626 ft. (2,934 m) forms another scenic backdrop in the community. It is named for the horizontal stripe which slices across the top of the mountain.

It can, and often does, snow any month of the year. Although May marks the begining of springtime, we usually get a significant dump of snow during May.


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